The best website since Google turns eight

New Zealand's most popular student website turned eight on 1st March 2012. Studyit began supporting NCEA students on March 1 2004. Studyit is a free, safe online support site developed and managed by CWA New Media, a business unit of Learning Media.

Studyit is a great success with up to 60,000 students using the site in November every year at exam-time. Feedback from students includes:

  • "This is the best website since ... Google!"
  • "Studyit has been one of the greatest resources I've used this year"
  • "I do believe that Studyit has really helped me be more insightful and analytical"
  • "It is such an amazing site that gives you the chance to help others and for them to help you!"
  • "The site is the best thing since electricity!"
  • "Studyit really gave me a lot of hope when I felt depressed about my future."

Student opinion of the value of Studyit is supported by research. In 2008 the MoE published research carried out by Nielsen/NetRatings and Core Education. Research demonstrated that Study it assists both high and low achieving students. Researchers said: "Studyit is one of the most successful online forum sites the (research team) have observed in terms of the frequency of interaction and depth of learning evident from contributors and the level of inquiry that is supported by the teacher mentors."

Studyit is also a consistent award winner. Each year from 2008 to 2010 it won the Net Guide People's Choice Award for Best Education Site, and in 2011 it won Netguide's Best Student Site making it NZ's most popular student web site. It also won the 2006

TUANZ (Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand) Education Innovation of the Year Award and was a finalist in the 2011 Australia and NZ Internet Awards.

Why is Studyit so successful? Students were consulted extensively before planning and design work began and it operates 24/7. Students can get answers to their queries from expert teachers at night, in the weekend and in the holidays. The only time teachers are not available is when the forums are locked over Christmas. Responses to student questions can be referred to at any time, with the 210,000-plus posts on the site forming a very significant database of NCEA knowledge.

And, the Studyit team goes to great lengths to ensure that all student users are completely safe on the site.


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