New degree to boost Te Reo

Massey University’s new degree for teachers in Maori immersion schools was recently launched at the Hokowhitu campus.

The Maori immersion teaching course, Te Aho Tatairangi, will address a “critical shortage” of Maori teachers, says Massey University associate professor Huia Tomlins Jahnke, who led the development of the course.

He says the four-year degree would help meet a shortage of expert Te Reo teachers and help stop the decline of the language.

Dr Jahnke, head of the School of Maori Education, says the course aims to supply 200 Maori immersion graduates by 2020.

Twenty-seven students enrolled in the first year of the course.

“There is a shortage of teachers nationally, and in the Maori sector that shortage is critical and our graduates will help to build a bigger talent pool.

“It will also help the long-term rejuvenation of Te Reo Maori,” Dr Jahnke says.

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