Victoria University

Evidence supports value of internal assessment in schools

Research carried out at Victoria University challenges criticism of internal assessment in schools and shows the assessment method plays an important role in helping students to think critically.


Victoria University tops New Zealand in research rankings

Victoria University of Wellington was today ranked first among New Zealand universities based on the research performance of its academic staff. 

National Poetry Award goes to Y12 student

Y12 student, St Cuthberts College student Haro Lee was chosen from almost 300 poets around NZ to win the Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters’ National Poetry Award.


Victoria biologist saves endangered species

Wellington is a long way from the continent of Africa, but research being conducted at Victoria University is helping restore populations of animals like rhinoceros that live on the African savannahs.

Research to help hearing loss

Research at Victoria University aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of hearing defects.

Lively camp for future scientists

Fifteen secondary students from throughout New Zealand descended on Wellington’s Victoria University for the 2012 NanoCamp last month.

Victoria scientist wins prestigious international prize

A Victoria University scientist has become the first in the Southern Hemisphere to win a prestigious international prize for outstanding PhD research in the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) field.

Victoria graduate designs RWC souvenir

A Victoria University graduate designed the man-of-the-match trophies handed out to each games best player during the Rugby World Cup.

Ex-pats loan contribution up 43 per cent

A sharp rise in expat graduates paying off their student loans is good news for Christchurch says the founder of the Heroic Educated Kiwi Expatriate (HEKE) campaign, Victoria University Prof Sir Paul Callaghan.

The HEKE campaign to encourage overseas New Zealanders to pay off their student loans has been given a boost by IRD figures for April showing a 43 per cent increase in student loan repayments over the last year.

NZ Sign Language goes digital

NZ´s third official language has become more accessible with the launch of an online multimedia dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

Victoria University’s deaf studies research unit, which produced the first dictionary of NZSL in 1997, has created an online dictionary with about 4000 NZSL signs, accompanied by line drawings and video clips to show how to produce each sign and how the signs are used in context.

Alumnus donates scholar programme to Victoria University

A Victoria University alumnus has made a substantial donation to establish a Visiting Scholar Programme at Victoria’s School of Economics and Finance.

Professor Stephen Turnovsky, a distinguished international scholar and researcher in economics, completed a Bachelor of Arts in economics at Victoria in 1962 and a Masters of Arts with First Class Honours in mathematics in 1963 before completing a PhD in economics at Harvard.

E-learning a powerful tool for teaching the arts

Press release by Victoria University

Learning in dance and drama has traditionally involved face-to-face tuition, but that may change following Victoria University research into the potential of online tuition.

Research by Victoria’s Faculty of Education shows students may be able to learn just as effectively using technology and the expertise of online dance and drama specialists.

Expats urged to repay student loan to help Christchurch

Sir Paul Callaghan, 2010 New Zealander of the Year and Victoria University professor of physical sciences, says Kiwis living abroad should pay their student loans to help Christchurch.

Sir Callaghan’s Heroic Educated Kiwi Expatriates campaign (HEKE, which means ‘to reduce’ in Maori) is an appeal to more than 85,000 overseas debtors to help with the estimated $30 billion recovery bill.

Victoria University: Muslim youth doing well in NZ

Despite an increase in reports of discrimination towards Muslims, a researcher at Victoria University says Muslims are doing comparatively well in this country.

The research project, conducted by final year PhD student Jaimee Stuart from Victoria’s Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research, compared the experience of Muslim young people in NZ and the UK.

World-leading scientists, Nobel Prize-winner in Wellington

Some of the world’s leading physicists and chemists are in Wellington next week for a conference to discuss exciting advances in their fields. 

The conference-AMN-5, which runs from 7th to 11th February, 2011-is hosted by the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, a national Centre of Research Excellence, based at Victoria University. 

Kiwi solar bach premieres at US Solar Decathlon

WASHINGTON, DC – A Kiwi bach powered by the sun is one of only 20 entries worldwide – and the first entry ever from the Southern hemisphere – to be selected for one of the most popular and highly anticipated design competitions. 

The prestigious United States Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 gives New Zealand an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its best on a world stage.  

Digital ‘pet’ gains international acclaim

A digital ‘pet’ developed by Victoria University researchers, has won first prize at an international electronic language festival.
The shiny brass device known as “Tardigotchi? references the plastic handheld Tamagotchi, the digital pet from Japan that was popular in the mid-1990s, but with a twist-inside the Tardigotchi is a living microorganism.

Wellington Science Fair to showcase young talent

Chicken-flavoured ice cream and Recycling bins no match for winds. These are just two of the science projects produced by students in the annual National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Wellington Regional Science and Technology Fair, to be held at Victoria University of Wellington, 25th-28th August, 2010.

Raising young people’s understanding of China

Understanding China is essential for the future of NZ, according to a businessman who has funded a new scholarship at Victoria University.
“We want young NZ’ers to engage with China, to understand the culture and connect with the Chinese leaders of tomorrow,” says Rodney Jones, who established the James Bertram Scholarships through the Victoria University Foundation with his wife Sajini Jesudason.
“A greater awareness of China is essential for NZ in the 21st century,” says the investment banker, who was a partner with the Soros Fund in Asia before returning to NZ.

Victoria University wins Australasian debating champs

A team from Victoria University of Wellington has taken out top honours in the world’s second largest university debating tournament.